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Apple.com React Redesign

Apr.22.2018 | 5m Read | ^UX
Apr.22.2018 redesign of Apple.com. Home: The main nav ('mac, iphone, ipad', and x idevice) now sports svg icons. It is a custom headroom component with a large, soft shadow (dark blue) optimized for light grayish backgrounds. Being a fan of depth, I decided to go with a '3D'/embossed look for the…

bcrypt & JWTs vs Cookies

Dec.11.2017 | 8m Read | ^Security
Here we cover some core concepts of security and progress down the cryptographic rabbit hole of passwords, encryption, and web storage. Buckle-up buck-o. Cyber vs IT Security: ▼ Considerations: ▼ The CIA Pillars of IT Security: Middleware: ▼ How does it work? ☑⁡⁡ Software that interfaces or acts as…

React Native vs Cordova vs Ionic

Nov.02.2017 | 2m Read | ^UX
You are using React , but maybe you want to move or port to mobile apps? React Native might be what you need. Or perhaps a hybrid approach like Apache's Cordova or the Ionic framework. Everything is here to get started as a mobile app dev in 3, 2, 1... React Native vs React: ☑ Different…

React with Router & Redux

Oct.17.2017 | 7m Read | ^UX
React is an open-source framework (unhidden reusable code) from Facebook. It powers many complex User Interfaces ( UI s) for apps. We shall cover not only basic operations and lifecycle, but the MVC ( M odel V iew C ontroller) software pattern, networking protocols , and Redux (pluggable…