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Brand / IP

Capcom, Nintendo, Marvel, DC, Blizzard, SEGA, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Konami


C++, SDL (Win/Mac/Linux, X-Box, PSP), MUGEN Script, Angelcode bitmap fonts, XML, ⁡Shader Model 300


1 Year & 3 Months


▼ 2D Engine with Multiplayer & Shaders

  • ☑⁡⁡ Shaders and modern effects (like screens) not existing in MUGEN
  • ☑⁡⁡ Data files converted to easy to edit and read XML
  • ☑⁡⁡ Screenpack support for existing 3rd party theming

Gameplay Test

▼ MUGEN Compatibility:

  • ☑⁡⁡ ⁡⁡Debug/recode/repack hundreds of open-source stages and characters.


Screenshot of 4k character sprite. Jin Kisaragi from BlazBlue.

▼ Iterated with another engineer in Berlin:

  • ☑⁡⁡ ⁡⁡Redesigned UI for HD and better character or stage selection.⁡⁡
  • ☑⁡⁡ ⁡⁡Graphics core and compression toolset for 32-bit HD (4k, 1080p, 720p).⁡⁡
  • ☑⁡⁡ ⁡⁡Generated in-game test assets (chars/stages/UI) and production pipeline (4k,⁡⁡1080p, 720p).⁡⁡
  • ☑⁡⁡ ⁡⁡Debug/recode/repack hundreds of open-source stages and characters ⁡⁡(MUGEN compatibility).


▼ 2D Sprites:

  • ☑⁡⁡ ⁡⁡32b HSV (clamped shader and non-shader color swapping).⁡⁡
  • ☑⁡⁡ ⁡⁡Platforms with Box 2D physics (optional).⁡⁡ ⁡⁡ ⁡⁡ ⁡⁡ ⁡⁡
Game screenshot: HSL/HSV shader. 720p Remmy from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike sprite. Game screenshot: Custom walk cycle. Painted in Photoshop. Game screenshot: Custom test stage with gradient. SF3