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Brand / IP

Mocks, Wireframes, Story, Immediate Mode, MVC


Photoshop, Illustrator, Javascript, C/C++, Java, Mobile, Usability, Accessability, Haptics


3-9 days

Firefox Cloud UX:

New Firefox logo with a new cloud platform UX for Firefox.com.

More info: Firefox.com reUX.

GitHub Enterprise UX:

GitHub Enterprise UX.

More info: GitHub Enterprise reUX.

Amazon Prime Video UX:

Amazon Prime Video UX.

More info: Prime Video reUX.

LinkedIn News UI:

LinkedIn News UI fix.

More info: Improving LinkedIn's UX / UI.

Apple.com Redesigned in React:

Apple.com React interface.

More info: Apple.com React Redesign.

Mattermost Chat UI:

Mattermost chat UI fix.

More info: Mattermost Chat UI Update.

Game & Site (Tiled Textures):

Beyond Epic game site & screenshot.

Themable OpenGL / WebGL:

Immediate mode UI in 2D platform game.

Immediate mode UI, 9-patch and kerned Angel Code bitmap font support (vector fonts also). Button rethemes itself on mouse down (supports key binding/key-combos).

Java AWT Overrided (Tiled Textures):

Java RPG game UI test.

A simple test game or interactive mockup I made on overriding the AWT's paint method to retheme components. Here it is much easier to see the limitations because I didn't work with any of the AWT colors and purposely tried to push the limits.